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The type of clay and the final glaze I use determines if a piece is high fired (Stoneware) or low fired (Earthenware).  

Low-fired clays cannot be fired to a high enough temperature to be fully vitrified so while they will still hold liquids, they will remain porous and can sweat from the base.  For this reason, it is recommended that you protect your furniture to avoid watermarks that may affect surfaces.  I will note in the description of each piece if it is low or high fired.

Please note: there are some pieces which are not suitable for using with food. Please read descriptions carefully before making a purchase.

While I have made some suggestions for use within my descriptions and images, in the end I believe it is the maker's role to make and the owner's role to give it purpose.   It's up to you.

All my work is hand-built and is therefore unique and even when I make multiples no two will be identical.  Where I have made multiples, they are mostly limited runs but in some cases they will be repeated.  Where this is the case, and if an item is out of stock, there is an option for you to be notified when back in stock.

Caring for your purchase - hand wash only and if using outdoors, note that low-fired pieces can be susceptible to frost damage as any rain water trapped within the porous clay can freeze and then crack or splinter.  


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